Visit and to answer the following 20 questions.

1. What does NEA stand for?
2. What is its vision?
3. What is its mission?
4. Briefly summarize the history of the NEA
5. Who is the current president?
6. What does the website say about him?
7. How many members does it have?
8. What is one of the highlights listed under â??Classroom management?â?
9. List 3 grants or awards offered by NEA
10. List 3 Policy Briefs on the NEA Positions & Actions regarding Achievement Gaps
11. List the 7 publications of NEA

12. What does AFT stand for?
13. Summarize the mission of AFT (in your own words)
14. Briefly summarize the history of the AFT
15. Who is the organizationâ??s president?
16. How many members does AFT have?
17. Name 4 well-known former members of AFT.
18. List the titles of 7 publications of AFT
19. List five categories of â??Hot Topicsâ?

20. Summarize the differences between AFT and NEA (in your own words

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