Negotiations: House for Rent

There are 3 very crucial Requirements at minimum 3 pages; at minimum there must be 3 APA references. An introductory paragraph should have a complete and succinct thesis statement. This should be telling the reader, in a shortened version, what your paper is going to be about. The thesis statement should state the central idea for your paper. Also Make sure there is a conclusion paragraph and it needs to restate the thesis and needs to be more than one sentence. The conclusion paragraph should not have new information in it, but only wrapping up the paper’s topics. It does not repeat sentences from your paper. Assignment: You have been relocated by your employer to a new city for an assignment that will probably last for two years. You do not want to sell your home “ a four-bedroom, two-bath Tudor “ so you decide to rent it. A friend of yours in real estate has a potential lessee for you to meet. He is a 30-something single doctor beginning a two-year residency in the local hospital. You have some concerns about a single guy living in your house and taking care of it the way you would, but you agree to meet with him and possibly negotiate a lease. You must address the following: Describe the interested parties and their prospective goals in this negotiation. Analyze the parties’ dependencies and motivations and propose four options in this negotiation so that all parties’ goals are met. Discusses a bargaining behavior of a skilled negotiator that would be most advantageous to you in this negotiation. Explains why collaboration is the only bargaining style applicable to this negotiation, and identify the collaborative goals. Identify if any of the participants entered the negotiations with a cognitive bias. Discuss the implications.

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