Nikes marketing strategies

Basic Requirements Double-spaced with consistent formatting, citations, bibliography (MLA, APA, or CMS) At least 5 sources (including 2 scholarly) Research Question Focused appropriately for scope of paper Open enough to support true inquiry Audience Focus Appropriate level of detail and background information for target audience Employs a voice/style appropriate to target audience Key points are chosen and written to appeal to audience Body Contents Includes sufficient key points to give thorough response to RQ Adequately covers multiple angles/viewpoints Incorporates substantial evidence from various sources alongside author’s analysis and contextualization Source Usage Balanced use of quotes, paraphrase, and summary Accurate in-text citations Clear boundaries between source material and author’s thoughts Quotes/info relayed in appropriate context (no misleading quotes, misrepresentation of content) Structure and Coherence Structure is logical and easy for reader to follow Paragraphs show unity and cohesion Transitions help reader connect and move between ideas Content avoids unnecessary tangents Grammar and Mechanics