noise measurement 7

1- What’s difference between time weightings: Slow response and Fast response?

2- Why is the post-calibration for your sound level meter necessary:

3- Briefly explain the main difference and their primary application among three type of sound level meter types according to the ANSI S1.4 standard.

4-A female employee is required to work in different working environments with the following time and noise level: 85 dBA for 4 hrs, 90.5 dB for 2 hrs, and 92.3 dB for 2 hrs. If you use noise dosimeter to monitor her noise exposure, what the reading result (noise dose) will be? Will it be in compliance and explain the reason?

5- Please determine the lower and upper band limits (that is, f1 and f2) for the naming octave band 4,000 Hz.

6- What is the LAS?

7- An acoustic calibrator usually can produce a reference sound level of _____ dB at 1 KHz.

8- If you want to use a sound level meter for noise measurement to comply with OSHA regulations, you need use a meter with setting of ______________ (one of frequency weightings), ______________ (one of time weightings), and __________________ (the level of accuracy / one of ANSI types). Briefly explain why these settings are needed.

9- Why is the pre-calibration for your sound level meter necessary:

10- Most of sound level meters are used to measure __________ (sound power, intensity or pressure).

11- At which frequency (_________Hz), the weighting among A, B and C have the same reading?

12- Noise dosimeter has filter settings for frequency (A/B/C/Z), time response (Slow vs Fast vs Impulse), and ANSI type for accuracy (0, 1 and 2). Using the attached Quest Edge eg5 manual or other credible sources as references, please discuss what filter settings should you use for OSHA compliance, and briefly explain why these settings are needed.

13- Which frequency weighting (A, B, C or F) should you use for octave band analyzer? Briefly explain the reason.

14- Read the two manuals, and explain why you should use windscreen when you use instruments to measure sound level?

15- A computer cooling fan has 5 blades rotating with 6,000 rpm, what is the blade pass frequency?