Novel- internet famous, dankia stone

In clearly worded point-form notes, answer the following questions for the second half of your novel. The questions are based on a plot graph. Be sure to include multiple quotations and page references where indicated (marked with an asterisk – *) as well as where you believe it will be beneficial to the writing of your final essay.

Plot: 1 – 1 ½ pages
1. What specific events in the plot hint/foreshadow the ending?
2. What single event occurs at the climax of the story? Explain why you consider this the climax of the novel. * 
3. Identify minor conflicts that are resolved in the falling action.
4. Is the ending/resolution to the problem satisfying to you as a reader? Is it realistic and believeable?

Images and Symbols: 1 page – 1 ½ pages
1. Are there repeated words, images, or groups of related images in the work ( eg. Various kinds of light or dark images)? If so, what is the significance of these patterns? * 
2. Can any connections be made between the images/symbols and characters or their personalities? Or can you connect it to theme?