nursing case study 21

Answer the following case study question in 5-10 sentences.

An Iraqi American male, age 59, is admitted to the intensive care unit of a large urban hospital during Ramadan. Hassan, who identifies as a Shiite Muslim, has multiple traumatic injuries, including fractured leg, following a motor vehicle accident while driving his taxi. Although the hospital staff are aware that male Muslim patients generally request to be cared for by male nurses, only female RNs are on duty in the ICU when Hassan is admitted. Hassan requires assistance with personal hygiene, dressing, shaving, bathing, wound care, physical therapy, and medication administration. He refuses to be cared for by females, due to cultural beliefs; insists on fasting during daylight hours during Ramadan; and wants privacy so he can pray five times daily, do ritual washing before eating, and adhere to other religious practices. Hassan’s wife is present, but she speaks very little English.

  1. The patient has indicated Shiite Muslim as his religion on the admission form. How do you determine if it’s appropriate to contact the hospital chaplaincy office to locate an imam (Muslim religious leader) to visit the patient?