nusf 09 answer the following questions

Minerals and Water Chapter 9

Please post on both Topic 1 and Topic 2 for full credit:

Topic 1:

Electrolytes play a role in water balance

1. Describe electrolytes and their role in hydration.

2. What are the current recommendations for fluid intake? Give 2 groups that have increased fluid needs.

3. Coconut water-what are the claims? Are they backed up by scientific research (give the sources you used at least 2 peer reviewed articles from scientific journals)

Topic 2:

Calcium and Iron (choose 1 of these 2 minerals and answer the following questions)

1. Functions of the mineral

2. Food sources rich in the mineral

3. Give at least 2 examples of substances that decrease the absorption of the mineral

4. State 2 groups of the population that are at a high risk and give reasons why

5. What surprises you about this mineral