nusf09 diet self study assignment

See attach and complete the assignment


1) To evaluate your average nutrient and calorie intake over three days of eating compared

to dietary standards.

2) To identify ways to improve diet quality for more energy and better health.


Track the foods you eat and beverages you drink for three days. You should include two

weekdays and one weekend day. Use pages 3-5 of this packet to track your intake. You will

use this log to complete parts 3 and 4. Turn your food log in with the completed


1. You will use database to analyze your 3-

day food log. When your food and beverages have been entered, you will be able to

download your reports as PDF documents. Use these reports to complete part 3 and hand

these reports in with your completed assignment.

2. Lastly, evaluate your diet quality and adequacy by answering a series of questions about

your food and nutrient intake in Part 4.