nusf09 watch the following video and answer the questions

Topic 1 & 2

There is on one topic this week because it is a long video on supplements. Answering all questions will get you full credit and you can post any time during the week. I want to say that, undisputed, it is always better to get nutrition from food and not supplements. The foods have an array of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and other substances that can provide nutrition and a pill only provides the substances in the pill.

Vitamins and Supplements: Less is More: Dr. Jeffrey Tice

This video looks at observational vs randomized trials (RCT) to consider current science on popular supplements. I am only assigning the first hour (start at 6 minutes and listen through 1:04), but the last 30 minutes considers Omega-3s if you are interested). In your post, please include the following and either 1-4 or 5-8 below for full credit:

1. List 3 ideas that were new to you or different than what you expected.

2. How does an observational study differ from a randomized trial and which is more reliable?

3. Compare the information in the video to what you have read, so far, in the book. (Links to an external site.)

Make sure to answer either questions 1-4 or 5-8 (your choice on which to answer) for full credit in this discussion with all 3 above

  1. When looking at observational studies, who were the people most likely to take supplements?
  2. How did the observational data for B-carotene and Vit E differ from the randomized trials? Bjelakovic, JAMA 2007
  3. In looking at Clarke’s data (Archives IM) published in 2010, what was the affect of B vitamin supplements on homocysteine levels and how did this affect death, cardiovascular events and cancer?
  4. What affect does folate (including supplementation or flour fortification) have on specified birth defects?
  5. In the Iowa Women’s Study (observational) what was found in women who supplemented with B6, folate, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper?
  6. Which vegetable is noted to have high levels of Vitamin D?
  7. Vitamin D supplements seems to work better when which other nutrient is added?
  8. Dr. Tice notes that rather than giving definitive proof like a randomized trial, observational studies are what?