ob3101 consulting report

ob3101 consulting report.

Background: What is the purpose of the report?

➢You are one of the consultants hired by an international pharmaceutical company to improve the effectiveness of an important project team

➢After weeks of surveys and interviews, your coworkers wrote up a descriptive overview of the team based on information gathered (you can find this document under the Consulting Report Module). Now it’s your job to analyze the situation and make recommendations to the management

➢Please draw from OB knowledge. Hint: to make comprehensive diagnoses and recommendations, multiple OB topics should be discussed

What should the report include

➢8-12 PowerPoint slides (this assignment is worth 100 points)

➢Your report should answer the following questions

1.What is a key challenge the team is facing? 1-2 slides (15 points)

2.What are the likely causes based on OB concepts? 2-3 slides (25 points)

3.How can OB concepts be applied and extended to tackle the challenge? 2-3 slides (25 points)

4.What specific action steps should the organization take? 1-2 slides (15 points)

oYou can also discuss what you think about the decision to appoint subteamsponsors (optional)

5.What are the potential barriers and obstacles to following your recommendations? 1 slide (10 point)

6.What are the risks and possible unintended consequences of following your recommendations? 1 slide (10 point)


Some other things you should know

➢The report is for clients to read rather than for you to present

➢You are not going to have the

ob3101 consulting report