Occupational Safety, Health and Environment

Brief Write a 1500 word essay discussing the contribution that current research on work-related upper limb disorders has made to our understanding of ergonomic interventions in the workplace? It is important that you do not simply describe work-related upper limb disorders or ergonomic interventions. You will need to read and evaluate the current scientific literature and guidance on this subject to underpin your discussion. General Instructions You should research a range of reference materials including recent published research relating to the topic you are discussing. Journal articles on research can be found through the portal in the e-library using science direct, for guidance on accessing journals and eBooks online please refer to the accessing electronic resources guide on Moodle. The work is to be word-processed, double or 1.5-line spacing Arial or Calibri, 12 Font, aligned to the left hand of the page and appropriately referenced using the Harvard system of referencing. Submissions should be a maximum of 1500 words (+/- 10%) and a word count must be included