Old Assyrian Trade Essay Outline Custom Essay

Old Assyrian Trade “ Essay Outline Introduction The chosen topic is Old Assyrian Trade. This research largely focuses on the goods that were traded, the features of the trade and how the trade was organized. In addition, this paper highlights how the trade allowed Assyrians to flourish socioeconomically and enlarge their army that led to the expansion of the kingdom of Assyria. It is noteworthy that the rise of the Assyrian military was based on the trade. This is because they traded metals and made bronze that they utilized in creating weapons. Thesis statement: the Old Assyrian Trade was characterized by the exchange of gold, copper and silver for tin and textiles. The trade had a substantial social and economic effect on the Assyrian society in the sense that the kingdom flourished economically and socially, and used some of the traded metals to fabricate weapons that they employed to expand their kingdom.

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