on the spot news story 1

Assignment: You must attend an off-campus community meeting or event of some sort (school board, city council, PTSA, girl or boy scouts or other organization, condo association, community club (not on campus), an opening ceremony, award ceremony, etc. and report on the meeting or event. You should report on the meeting or event as actual news. Interview people at the event, do some research on the organization or event. You will be required to complete a News Story Planning Sheet (Exercise #2) in preparation for the assignment. You will receive feedback on your story choice prior to the actual event, so plan carefully.


  • The article has a main focus.
  • The article is organized in the inverted pyramid format.
  • The article begins with a summary lead paragraph (5Ws and an H).
  • The article is written in active voice.
  • The article uses active verbs.
  • The article uses AP Style, direct quotes, indirect quotes and all other news-reporting elements found in the textbook and resource materials.
  • The article contains quotes from at least 2 (two) sources. NOT your friends or family members.
  • Word Count 350.
  • Assignment is written in Times New Roman 12pt double-spaced.
  • Turnitin Similarity Index = 0-25%. (Similarities above 25% may receive a grade “0”).
  • Do not write an essay or summary of the event. Refer to the AP Stylebook for the correct way to use quotes and attributions throughout your article!


News Story:Press Release Rubric .pdf