one simple 5 minute presentation and 6 page paper

the first part is due within 24 hours

give a brief presentation of the artwork you’ve chosen.

For the presentation, be prepared to

  • Show a picture of the artwork
  • Provide context about the artwork
  • Offer an initial interpretation of the artwork
  • No more than 5 minutes

During the presentation, you’ll need to share your screen in order for us to see the artwork. If you’ll be unable to share your screen, please send me the image of the artwork and I’ll share my screen.

and the second part is due in 3 days

For our final progression, you will go to a museum that is temporarily closed and write about what you experience during your virtual field trip. As you make discoveries on your virtual field trip, what you find will evolve into an essay that presents a sustained encounter with an artwork of your choice.

To go where you can only go virtually, you will need to use

Google Arts and Culture

You can use the website or download the application.

As with our other progressions, a series of writing assignments will culminate in an essay.

We began the semester by reading Cathy Park Hong’s reflections upon the challenges of bearing witness through art. Her reflections and our responses to them will serve as a touchstone for this progression. We are bearing witness to an unforeseen moment, much like the art that Park Hong reflects upon.

Some questions that may appear, directly or indirectly, in your thinking and writing include

What does it mean to bear witness now?

How do our physical circumstances change what it means to bear witness?

Is viewing art at a “temporarily closed” museum an act of bearing witness?

Snapshot of the Essay Assignment

Add your interpretation to a scholarly or critical conversation about a work of art, on the basis of your representation of the artwork and rigorous reading of 2-3 essays about the artwork.

5-7 pages long.

Suggested Artworks:

Browse the collections found through Google Arts and Culture.

Chose one artwork

Goals of the Essay

You will continue to develop the practices used in Essay #1 and #2, writing this essay will help you . . .

Craft an argument about an artwork and locate your argument in relation to a scholarly or critical conversation.

Complete research to identify and select the most promising texts for your inquiry.

Specific Requirements

Use 2-4 sources related to your artwork and idea.

Document sources using the MLA in-text citation method.

Give your essay a unique title.