online marketing strategies

online marketing strategies Plan For Business Paper instructions: Identify and discuss 2 or 3 outcomes or goals you want your business to achieve by accepting your recommendation. Also, discuss how you will monitor these goals to ensure that your business and/or products are viable (or successful) in an online environment. Go to the websites of your competitors and evaluate and analyze what you see. Discuss the pros and cons. Look at items such as design, colors, graphics, navigation, applications, and functions. Discuss what you like and why. Discuss what you don’t like and why. Based on your customer base or potential target market identify 3 online marketing strategies that your company can use to reach out over the Internet and actively market your products and services to these groups. Think in terms of how to contact these groups when they have never heard of your company. Discuss why you feel these strategies are appropriate to reach your customer base or potential target market. Identify the strategy, explain how it works in general. Then give specific examples of how your business can use that strategy to actively market your product or service and bring the potential customer back to your businesses website to sell them the products or services. Some examples of online marketing strategies include: email, banner ad, pop-up ads, trueView ads, affiliate marketing, and referral marketing. Based on your customer base identify 3 social media applications that you would recommend your business engaging in. Discuss them in general. Then give specific examples of how your business would use them to expand the knowledge of your business and build relationships with its customers or potential customers.

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