operating system essay 2



The extended file system, or ext, was implemented in April 1992 as the first file system created specifically for the Linux kernel. It has since gone through a few iterations and EXT4 is the current version and the default is systems such as Debian and Ubuntu. This version continued the journaling that was created in the ext3 file system.


Provide a detailed yet concise description of the ext4 filesystem (include diagrams of the data structures). This should include how all meta-data is stored ad utilized, how the directory entries are maintained, how files are referenced, and how the journaling works.


The paper must include an abstract, detailed explanations, diagrams, references and were necessary a glossary of terms. The paper must also include a detailed bibliography of all cited and referenced materials. It is expected that this paper be at least 4 pages in length not including diagrams, abstract and bibliography.