Operation management

Operation management nyentery management is ene ef the mest imp:-ertant I eperatiens management aetiyities at lylaner Bakeries, Eurepe˜s largest menufaetureref ˜ambient’ baekaged eakes and pies. [Ambient means that they mn be stered at reem temperature._.i Its brands inelude Lyens and Mr lfipling. ltsfleet ef yans reutinely resteeks the shelyes ef theusands ef small retailers and else distributes te majer I s.lp-ermarkets. but here the re-erdering preeess is usually managed by the sup-ermarket’s ewn inwntery management systems. Gakesare predueed at feur faeteries, en preduetien lines, seme ef whieh are ed-erated I I eentinueusly. Altheugh eensiderable effert is made te fereeast sales aeeurately. there is always uncertainty.  there are limits te hew mueh inyentery ean be used te .. eempensate fer demand fluetuatiens be-eause + sspermarkets require pr-eduets te be en their shelyes fer ˜=_ mest ef their shelf-life, allewing enly a few days fer Maner te transpert. stere and deliyerthe preduets. Input steaks ef raw materials must alse be earefully managed at eaeh faetery. Elulk ingredients sueh as fleur and sugar are deli-rered te giant sterage siles, but managing the hundredsef ether ingredients i_butter, nuts, ˜ I dried fruits. pasteurizeduegg, ete.,l is mere eemplek. Seme way pmdums are pmduced an the prfldumifln œHES cf rfhese Era mm˜ EKPEHENE b’_Jt are œSE5 m huge mlumaa Altheugh seme breduets sell eneugh te warrant their awn fmne E_:’mEr5 are En? E’œ5³’?_œ’œ˜ œSaga ‘5 Emaœ Sam? preduetien lines, mest lines haye been designed te make Ingredients have a shert shelf-lne.and have te be stered In H range flf Similar prmuflta So pmdums are madfi in Epemal 3rTmd’m’n5² Some are 535³˜-˜r a˜*’3³?œE- Gthfirs are batehes, suffieient te last until the next ere-duetien run. eseeially Imperted and are en leng lead times and fresh annual ereps sueh as fruit ean yary in duality and . ayailability. Packaging is frequently ehanged ta refieet new prflmmifina and price Changes. Yet running DUI Df Stack is 1 What arethe faeterswhieh eensijtute inyentery helding Semua ‘1 can disrupt prmummn Schedules and lead m eests. erdereestsand steek-eut eests at lylaner Bakeries’? steek-euts effinishee ereduets. affeeting betn sales and 2 What makes its inventory planning and central se eustemer relatiens. lnyenteny alse eeeurs beeause ef the -EGr’IIplE=<‘?

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