oppressed group changing social welfare policy

oppressed group changing social welfare policy his assignment is a five full paged, double spaced, typed paper on the process of an oppressed group changing social welfare policy. The film Iron Jawed Angels must be used as a reference point for you to describe and analyze, a current movement that is struggling for equal rights by changing social policy such as women’s rights (equal compensation for work, pro-choice rights), gay rights movement (end of discrimination, gay marriage), or injustices to an ethnic minority peoples. Compare and contrast a modern effort to change policy with the historical struggle of women to obtain the right to vote. You must include the following points in your paper: 1. identify what the problem is; 2. who is for change and why; 3 who is against change and why; 4. how is the modern movement similar to the suffrage movement and in what ways is it different; 5. how is consciousness-raising developed both for the group and for individual members; 6. how are leaders developed; 7. is there evidence or horizontal hostility in the group; 8. develop you own position based on facts and logical reasoning. Use critical thinking!. Failure to follow these requirements will result in a loss of points and a lower grade

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