organizational change 59

Review the Portfolio Project options, assignment requirements, and rubric, which can be found in Module 8. Choose one of the two options. Write a three- to four-page paper that does the following:

  • Identifies the selected option that you will be completing. Remind your instructor of your Portfolio Project choice.
  • Provides details about your organization and explains how the information presented about your organization may impact the change effort.
  • Provides details regarding the issue that is being addressed or needs to be changed. Explain your rationale about why this concern is important to acknowledge/correct.
  • Explains what levels of the organization will be impacted by addressing this issue.

PP Milestones Information:

Please note that all Portfolio Project Milestones are due at the end of the week that they are assigned. Therefore, this Portfolio Project Milestone is due at the end of Module 6. Late Portfolio Project Milestones will not be accepted. Please ensure that you submit your work in a timely manner.