Organizational problem

Organizational problem

Organizational problem: Technological development, student learning and internal employee development.

Although my organization is considered one of the innovators and leaders of online higher education, I believe our proper use and implementation of innovative technology has diminished even to the point of being surpassed by other organizations.

The learning platform for our online students is very user-friendly and rated wonderfully among students; nevertheless, our use of technology such as video conferencing and allowing students to view live or recorded lectures is almost nonexistent.

Organizational problems are mainly caused by leaders who don’t communicate strategies to their teams.

Just keep in mind that as feedback is as important as communication.

Shouting and yelling at your subordinates for their mistakes, or “making an example” of them to other people is not good feedback.

When giving feedback, no matter how unsatisfactory the results are, give it constructively so that the recipient knows that what you’re saying is ultimately for their own good.

The organization has some protocol for employee learning and development but the courses and skill level are very rudimentary.

process of analyzing an Organizational problem

Summarize how others have studied the problem, including a description of general research approaches used.

Discuss whether different research approaches seem to generate different types of knowledge about the problem

Then raise different problems.

as an alternative help re-frame the problem.

Describe how the research analysed above might help inform or guide practice or decision-making regarding your organisational problem.