Organizational structure and culture

2.4 Organizational structure and culture (about 2-3 pages) Peiyuan Ding and Huiru Pan
Explain how you will organize your company. Discuss the type of organizational structure you plan to adopt and why you think that structure will be conducive to organizational effectiveness. Be specific as to why your chosen structure is superior to other options. Clearly outline how this structure will accommodate future growth. Address how you will handle communication issues. In terms of organizational culture, what values will you adopt and encourage? If your business has an international component, how will you address difference in national culture?
• Three supporting references. Add the reference list to the end of the paper, using a separate page.
• One table or figure for each topic (idea, team process concerns, org. structure, or motivation) at the end of the paper. Each figure or table should be on a separate page and accurately titled within the text and on the top of each page.

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