Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics to Consider in 2020

Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics to Consider in 2020

Choosing the best argumentative essay topic is not a walk in the park. So, a significant number of students have been seeking online help on this. ElitehomeworkWriters.com has compiled a list of the best argumentative essay topics you can tackle in 2020.

What is Argumentative Essay Writing?

Argumentative essay writing refers to the process of compiling a piece that argues for one point to view.

It goes to mean that these types of tasks are intended to test the debating skills of students. Although most students believe the challenging bit is the writing stage, the trickiest part is in the real sense choosing the topic. In most instances, students have chosen non-debatable items.

As a result, they have failed miserably in these tasks. Here a few pointers to take note of when choosing an argumentative essay topic:

  1. Choose a subject that you are interested in. Do not just select a theme for the sake of tackling it. Lack of passion will deter your concentration, focus, and capability. So, choose a topic that you are passionate about and cannot wait to tackle.
  2. Your viewpoint does not necessarily have to mean you agree with it. In some cases, the standpoint a student may be taking may be overshadowed by arguments from the other viewpoint. Since these types of tasks aim at compelling readers to sway with your side, it is close to impossible when your view is overshadowed. In such a case, you can switch sides. This does not necessarily mean that you support the opinion.
  3. Choose controversial subjects that readers might have an interest in reading. Just because you are passionate about a theme does not mean that your audience is too. So, as you are selecting the subject to discuss, also put your target readers in mind. Try and ask yourself what issue they would want to be tackled or which question bugs them the most.

The Best Argumentative Essay Topics

We have come up with numerous topics you can tackle. To make it easier, we have divided them into several categories, as shown below:


Following a divorce, are the kids better off in two different households or one?

Do same-sex couples make better off, or worse parents?

Should parents give their teenage children the go-ahead for plastic surgery even if they lack any defects?

Should homosexual partners be given the right to adopt children?

Should a parent with a sex offence crime be allowed to live with his or her own children?

Should the court of law ask the children whom they want to stay with after their parents’ divorce?


Should judges base their rulings on the law, or on what benefits the society?

Is prosecuting a minor as an adult be termed by the Supreme Court as a violation of the Eighth Amendment?

Should court proceedings be documented for television?

Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?

Should there be a law forbidding same-sex marriages?


Will individuals reach a point in time when there is no more technological advancement?

Should graphic and violent video games be prohibited?

Should any content posted on the internet be more restricted?

Do certain housekeeping technologies, for instance; the robotic vacuum cleaner make individuals more lazy and idle?

Does technology hinder the creative ability of people?


Should healthcare be free for all?

Should people with sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, be forcibly quarantined?

Is free mental therapy necessary in a high school institution?

Are the causes of obesity more mental or physical?

These are some of the many argumentative essay topics that our pro writers can help you tackle. If you are interested with one, let us know so that we can grant you a fully customized argumentative essay.  

we help students to have an Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics to Consider in 2020.

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