Overcoming hurdles in Development

Overcoming the gap and becoming modern: India and the Middle East You must engage with primary source documents (Gandhi on Swadeshi, Nehru documents, and Al-Otaiba, the Arab Oil Weapon) to support your argument. You will also draw upon the secondary source reading (found the Marks textbook, Kurlansky, The Spinning Wheel, and Maugeri). THE PROMPT: Our textbook has used the terms “the gap” and the “great departure” to characterize the global history since end of the 19th century. How did India and the Middle East try to overcome “the gap” and how successful were they in achieving the modern program of becoming powerful, productive, and prosperous? Considerations: As you read, identify what information is being provided by the author of the text about the process of becoming modern and ending the legacy of imperialism and colnization Think about the reasons that explain the similarities and/or differences. Construct a thesis and write a response that addresses the prompt above. (In other words, do not simply restate the prompt). Mechanics: Your essay must include specific evidence drawn from at least three documents from Week 14 and Week 16 to support your thesis (argument). You may use other evidence from the other assigned secondary readings but you must use the relevant primary sources. Your essay must be 900 – 950 words in length You must have a thesis around which you organize your argument A thesis makes a claim A claim can be disputed A claim can be proven using evidence (facts) as presented in the documents. Your response will prove that your claim is correct and therefore, indisputable. You must provide organization and coherency to your argument (response) Your argument must flow in a logical manner To do this, arrange your argument into paragraphs Paragraphs have three essential components: Topic sentences that introduce the main point of the paragraph, which must be related to your overall thesis Evidence that is taken from the sources we are analyzing Explanations of significance that explain to the reader why the evidence supports your thesis You must provide a conclusion in which you summarize (not repeat) your argument. To do this, you should have at least 4 – 5 well-constructed paragraphs of 3 – 6 sentences (your introduction and conclusion can be brief, but the body of your essay must include paragraphs that contain a topic sentence, evidence, and explanations of significance, which cannot be successfully done in 2 – 3 sentences).