page requirement

Page Requirements (2-3 pages)

*Start your paper at the very top of the page. 1 inch margins, 12 inch font, Times New Roman. Proofread your paper before you submit (this will benefit you, I promise). Cite properly and list references at the end. Do not write any less or any more than the page number requirements or points will be deducted for instructions that are not followed.

For this activity, students will:

1) read “Photos reveal what it’s like to shop at Walmart in China — which is shockingly different from the US and struggling to compete” (Links to an external site.)

2) go to a local Walmart and spend 30 minutes observing the place and how people behave in this environment

The first part of your paper will be a thick description of your observations (how long you spent observing, what you did you see, how many people were there, what kind of items were for sale, etc.?) The second part will compare one aspect of the store (for example how meat is displayed) to the same aspect from the reading.

What appears to be culturally specific in the Walmart that you went to and the Walmart in China? Use anthropological terms that we have learned so far in your report