Palestinian UN Bid 2011-2012, why now?

What internal and external circumstances led the Palestinian Authority to shift its diplomatic approach in 2011 to seek State recognition in the United Nations? In brief, why now? And the thesis statement is: ?Failure of negotiations with Israel and the internal conditions of the PA have geared the shift of its diplomatic approach towards seeking recognition of Palestine from the United Nations?. The Road to Palestinian statehood: the UN bid, why now? The Decision to go to the United Nations: discuss and analyze why Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority leadership decided to apply for the United Nations for recognition of Palestine as a state in 2011-2012. What shift does this application indicate in the Palestinian strategy from bilateral negotiations to multilateral diplomacy. 4.1: External Factors: explain and analyze the external conditions and circumstances which drove the Palestinian Authority leadership to take such a step at that specific time. 4.1.2 Analyze the failure of Oslo and the peace process in generating Palestinian self-determination and achieving a Palestinian state, both in content and form. 4.1.3 Discuss the influence of the Arab Spring on the Palestinian leadership?s decision to apply to the UN. 4. 1.4 Discuss and analyze the role of the United States as the main peace broker and its failure in achieving the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in 2010, 2011, and 2012. 4.2 Internal Factors: explain and analyze the internal conditions and circumstances which drove the Palestinian Authority leadership to take such a step at that specific time. 4.2.1 Hamas ?Fatah division and failure to achieve reconciliation in 2010,2011,and 2012 4.2.2 Discuss and analyze the Palestinian Authority financial crisis and deterioration of Palestinian economy in 2010-2012 which influenced the Palestinian Authority?s decision to go to the United Nations and the influence it had on the Palestinian state-building agenda. 4.2.3 Discuss and analyze Legitimacy and popularity of the PA leadership before and after applying to the UN in 2011-2012. Was the bid meant to garner public support for a failing Palestinian Authority, or was it a tactic to gain better conditions in the negotiations with Israel, or did the PA have no other option but to go to the UN for recognition? 4.3 Legal Aspect of the Palestinian Statehood bid: 4.3.1 Between the Security Council and the General Assembly: how can the legal relationship between both entities be used to achieve Palestine?s recognition. What are the internal circumstances inside the General Assembly which assisted the Palestinians in upgrading their status. 4.3.2 legal ramifications of the bid on final status issues of negotiations with Israel, and the position of Palestine as an occupied state, with special emphasis on the horizons it opens for the Palestinian Authority to file claims in the International Court of Justice and other legal previlages Palestine will obtain in its new status.

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