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Design a project that focuses on using visual communication to connect a singular or broader community. The project should be designed to create a platform where people can share their experiences of isolation, fear, hope, and daily observations during this pandemic. Mounting drawings, photographs, words in a particular site that will grow through participation, using the mail as a way to make a group drawing, or creating a digital map, are some examples of possible community exchanges. Be ambitious!

Written Description of Project ( 1-2 pages) Requirements for Projects – (each component will earn 25%)

  • Group(s) Involved – Describe the community who will be participating in this project. The communities can be small, citywide, statewide or global.
  • Focus of Collaboration – The focus should the current experience of life in the time of a pandemic. You can create a question, introduce a theme, and or create a set of directions.
  • Format & Materials- What materials will be used, will there be constraints, for instance images can only be black & white…..or participants must use found common materials. Explain how the individual “creations” will connect to create a “whole”…. one art work.
  • Vehicle of Communication – Describe the “place” this project will reside

Research Sources:

Lesley Dill

Tim Rollins and K.O.S.

Note: only use the sources that I provide you