paper to suggest a solution about healthcare for undocumented workers and refugees 1

2 pages, single spaced

I am writing a paper to consult and provide a plan on how to improve healthcare infrastructure for an imaginary country – ABC. ABC is a nation of 100 million people with an annual GDP of 1 trillion dollars reported in 2019. The annual healthcare expense for this nation is 3% of its GDP.

The political environment is similar to the U.S. Although there are 6 political parties, there are 2 main parties; a liberal party and a conservative party that control the congress. President BBB is an independent and a reformer who has wowed to work for the people rather than to promote any political party’s agenda.

The current TWO healthcare ISSUES with ABC is as follows:

  • Approximately 2 million people are undocumented workers who do not have any insurance, and they frequently access emergency services which is high cost to the hospitals.
  • Approximately 500000 people are migrant farm workers from other countries or refugees and they are all uninsured.

Please include the following in the proposal:

  • Healthcare coverage for all
  • Improved quality of care with full accountability for clinical, financial, process and social outcomes.
  • National Healthcare Quality Model
  • Value based care
  • Improved access
  • Lower cost (affordability)
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Improved provider satisfaction
  • Implementation of a population health model that clearly outlines the determinants of health that need to be addressed through upstream, midstream and downstream interventions and measures to see if the interventions are effective.

Please explicitly describe how the aforementioned requirements will be achieved. Be sure to provide details of how everything will be funded and implemented. (Can reference to the exiting strategies in USA or other countries to solve the 2 issues)