Pediatric home care nursing

Please help me write a pediatric home care nursing APA Paper. As a registered nurse I find it shocking that people still ask me which hospital I work at. I Often find myself explaining to many people that nursing is so diverse that nurses are needed everywhere. Nurses work in school settings, prisons, airport, homes, in the community and we even telecommute. For now, I will focus in community Nursing, more specifically home care nursing which is sadly rarely heard of. Coming from a home care nursing background I find it sad that many people don’t even know we exist, since everyone assumes we must work in a hospital or nursing home. I worked as a pediatric home care nurse for 7 years. During my work as a pediatric home care nurse my role wasn’t only to deliver bedside care; it allowed me to advocate for and speak on my patients’ behalf with doctors, insurance companies and other health care providers making sure all their needs were met. It also allowed me to advance my assessment skills, think more critically, improved my character and learn that nursing is far more than the administration of medication, suctioning tracheostomy, performing head to toe assessments etc. As a home care nurse, I learned to be more humane, more patient and practice cultural competence. In my personal experience as a pediatric home care nurse not only did it helped me become a better professional, but it made me a better person. Additionally, preventing recurrent hospitalizations due to the teaching and follow ups rendered to each patient, meeting milestones, working closely with physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, teachers and the whole group of early intervention professionals, all of us working together for the optimal development of the patient. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child being decannulated because they no longer need a tracheostomy, than seeing a child eats by mouth for the first time, meet certain milestones, walk their first steps etc. Home care nursing needs a lot more recognition; healthcare providers need more education regarding this field of nursing.