Persistence and success in the United States

Undergraduate international students’ persistence and success in the United States  *Each question should be 6 pages. *Each question should include 12 references. *The references should be scholarly resources. *References should be no older than 5 years except the theories sources *Answer the following three questions: Question 1 What is the role of language acquisition in international students’ persistence and success in higher education? In particular, how do Cummins’ and Krashen’s theories of second language acquisition speak to the overall experience of the higher education international student. Feel free to focus on non-native English speaking students in the US if you wish. Question 2 Social psychology theories are germane to students’ persistence and success in higher education. Among them are Vygotsky’s & Bandura’s theories. Discuss how the social learning theories of those two researchers relate to international students’ experiences in higher education institutions. Question 3 What empirical studies from the literature present the positive or negative impact of these two factors: 1. Student factor (psychological health). 2. Faculty factor (teaching approach). on academic achievement of international students in any subject at either the undergraduate or graduate level?