Perspective of an African American male.

The paper should be wrote in the perspective of an African American male. Some questions for you to consider: What did you learn about racial and ethnic differences growing up – at home, in school, with family and friends? How have the circumstances, events and relationships that shaped your early life also shaped your understanding of racial and ethnic differences? How did you learn to see “others” and how did you learn to see yourself? Reflect on your race and/or ethnicity now. How do you see yourself now? Do you see yourself as advantaged or disadvantaged by your race and/or ethnicity? In what ways? Is there some aspect of your racial/ethnic identity about which you were oblivious at one time, but you now see more clearly? What created this heightened awareness? Who does the world around you say you are? What message is reflected back to you in the faces and voices of your teachers, your neighbors, store clerks? What do you learn from the media about yourself? How are you represented in the cultural media? Are you missing from the picture altogether? Use sociological concepts and principles.