persuasive speech essay 2

Speeches will follow the 5 Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (Links to an external site.) steps and use effective ethos, pathos, and logos statements. You will need to properly verbally cite 5 sources in the delivery (three of the four: author’s name, author’s credentials, source, and date).

Outline: In the outline, one of each evidence type is needed: testimony (expert), language style (alliteration, allusion, hyperbole, metaphor), example (brief, extended, hypothetical), and statistic. Please label each piece of evidence in the outline.

Sources: Your ‘References’ page should have at least 5 scholarly-reviewed sources. At least 3 peer-reviewed journal edited sources, and 2 other sources credible newspapers or magazines. How can you tell if an article is scholarly peer-reviewed? Follow the four steps: does it have an abstract? Is it a minimum of 10 pages? Does it look “not fun” (meaning, it shouldn’t have pictures or images)? Does it have References? Simple websites/blogs do not count as any of the required, but should be cited if they are used. It is crucial to verbally cite these sources in your speech as well (To verbally cite a source, use three of the four: author’s last name, author’s credentials, date of publication and or source).

Sources: min. of 5 sources (3 journal articles, at least 2 from edited articles i.e., NY Times)


    • All my points are in full sentences
    • My outline is free of grammatical errors
    • My outline is in Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1 inch margins
    • Edit the ‘References’ page to follow APA
    • I made sure to label the evidence
    • Don’t forget to cite sources both in the text, References, and speech