Persuasive Speech-Topic: Why Volunteer in the community?

Persuasive Speech-Topic: Why Volunteer in the community?

    • You must refer to at least three (3) sources and incorporate at least one quote, one statistic, and one specific example.
    • Use of a three-dimensional visual aid is also required.

    This speech is required by the course syllabus. These are your time restrictions:

    • Minimum time is 4 minutes.
    • Maximum time is 7 minutes.
  • Persuasive Speech Checklist

    Ask yourself the following questions as you are preparing your Persuasive Speech:

    1. Are all of my claims supported by evidence?
    2. Do I use sufficient evidence to convince my audience of my claims?
    3. Is my evidence stated in specific rather than general terms?
    4. Do I use evidence that is new to my audience?
    5. Is my evidence from credible, unbiased sources?
    6. Do I identify the sources of my evidence?
    7. Is my evidence clearly linked to each point that it is meant to prove?
    8. Do I provide evidence to answer possible objections the audience may have to my position?
    9. Have I used a variety of supporting material, including statistics, quotations, and examples

    ***Please utilize Sample Outline for Persuasive Speech provided***


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