PGBID8281 Business Professionalism

PGBID8281 Business Professionalism

PGBID8281 Business Professionalism TASK
Using the guidelines here on Canvas and other resources made available to you during class:

– Research a topic relating to the course that interests you
– Gather a range of articles or other published sources about the topic
– Read them carefully and make notes on their key points
– Record “bibliographical” information for each
– Write annotations for a minimum of SIX of the best sources; better marks will be achieved by submissions that contain TEN or more summaries.

Professional workplace behavior is necessary for the long-term success of a business, whether it’s a big corporation or small business. Employee interactions and relationships with customers are of vital importance to ensure that company goals and objectives are met. A professional work place attitude and appearance allow employees to take pride in their work and improve worker performance. Managers who behave professionally set an appropriate example by encouraging their people to conduct themselves in a manner that supports company-wide success.

Establishes Appropriate Boundaries

Professionalism in the work place establishes boundaries between what is considered appropriate office behavior and what is not. While most managers support an enjoyable and vibrant work environment, limits must be put in place to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. Workers who conduct themselves professionally steer clear of crossing the line with their conversations and other interactions with co-workers, superiors and clients.

Encourages Personal Improvement

A business environment in which employees dress and operate professionally is more conducive for success. For example, professional dress codes are understood to support career development and personal growth in the work place. That’s because workers who dress and act professionally feel better about themselves and are encouraged to perform better for their clients.