pio exercise for hazardous materials and industrial safety in disasters management 1

Take on the role as the Public Information Officer (PIO) and submit a press release pertaining to the attached power point. Be prepared to answer questions from the media or community at a Town Hall Meeting.

Some examples include –

Ask the PIO to provide a briefing that includes:

1. The situation status. 2. Additional road closures. 3. Evacuation routes. 4. Personal protective measures.

In addition, address the following:

  • What is the local role in response to a hazardous materials incident?
  • Who is responsible for cleanup operations?
  • What is the role/responsibility of your organization and how does that impact or effect the state and federal systems?
  • What is the definition of “Hazardous Materials”?

There is no right or wrong – you are using the info and education from previous weeks and classes. Assess the incident and carefully address the questions and the briefing. Remember not to promise too much!

Reference to appropriate authoritative resources and official websites. Must be accessible online. Use New Times Roman 12 font with 1” margins and APA style.