please answer these two discussions

Discussion 1

Select a global company or business. (See Forbes Global 2000 resource or other resources: (Links to an external site.))

Please select and discuss 1 of the following scenarios:

a)If you were the CEO of this global company would you expand your business to a foreign country (select the foreign country), based on specific criteria of business ethics, human rights, available resources, and culture? Why or why not?


b) If you were the CEO of this global company and you were asked to look at expanding the company to a foreign country (select the foreign country), describe the cultural dimensions of “power distance” and “individualism/collectivism” for this country, and the challenges that you would expect to face? How can these challenges be addressed?

Discussion 2

Answer one of the following Questions:

After reading about a number of large companies try to encourage ethical behavior, and possibly reflecting on your own personal experiences, what stands out? What approach is most unique? What approach is most likely to garner success? What would you do if you were the compliance officer for your organization?


How could an organization use social media to promote ethical behavior, culture, and communicate the organization’s values? What are the advantages and dangers of social media in this pursuit? How would you handle the situation if you were in charge of the social media in your organization?