please revise my paper following the advices from my professor and using the materials that i provided

Make a major revision of this paper

Let me be a bit more specific. I would suggest that you spend more time explaining what life satisfaction is, how we measure it, how it relates to certain macroeconomic indicators (e.g., income, income inequality, unemployment, inflation), education, and environmental factors. You mentioned HDI, which may be highly correlated with life satisfaction, but also see Blanchflower and Oswald (2005), attached as 0.pdf. You may briefly discuss the existence of satiation point in the relationship between income and happiness (Easterlin’s paradox, see the attached papers 1.pdf, 2.pdf, and 3.pdf). Then, you can discuss some peculiarities of Asian countries (you mentioned marriage patterns). Instead of talking about Asian countries in general, you can even focus on a particular country, include personal observations and/or experiences (if any) about the factors that affect happiness, e.g., levels of stress, long working hours, particular social norms, etc. Think also about fiscal and monetary policies that may affect happiness (see, e.g, the paper about the trade-off between inflation and unemployment attached as 4.pdf).

By the way, there are different reports with particular measures of happiness, including for Asian countries (e.g., the one that I attach as 5.pdf, but there are many others)

(2) Regarding the introduction, please, note that its role is to present your topic, capture the reader’s attention (some numbers can help), explain (directly or not) why the topic is important, and give a brief outline of what will follow.

(3) You should have a separate bibliography section at the end of your work, where you should include the details of all references that you mention in the text.

(4) I think your work would benefit from including some more data and visual tools such as graphs.

(5) Your work is obviously written in a hurry, e.g.:

“Japan is a European country;”

“Venezuela is a European country;”

“low employment rate” for Norway.

(6) When discussing Japan, you seem to mean GDP growth rate

(7) If you talk about HDI, you should mention what it measures.

(8) You should try to improve your style, e.g.:

“the government forgot”

“ruled by intelligent institutions”

“to turn the funds into a blessing “

(9) You say: “Some of the macroeconomic policies include Gini coefficient.” Gini coefficient is not a macroeconomic policy, it is just a measure of inequality.

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