PME170 Business Principles

PME170 Business Principles

Competitive And Technological Forces

1. “Are Mobile Devices Killing the Video Game Console Industry?” Explain what Industry Life Cycle Stage the video game console industry is in PME170 Business Principles and support your answer with examples. What do you think the future holds for this industry?

2. Amazon recently introduced robotic, flying delivery drones, which they would use for the following uses:

to deliver products directly to consumers

eliminating the need for postal or courier delivery services.

Referencing the 4 stages in the evolution of a new technology, describe how each of these relate to Amazons’ drones.

3. “The Anti-Aging Industry.” Utilizing the article and other industry examples, provide evidence that this industry is in the emergent and growth phase.

outcomes of PME170 Business Principles

  1. Summarize the impact of major economic systems, current trends and challenges of business including the functions of the Bank
  2. Analyze ethical issues, social responsibility and government legislation that affect businesses;
  3. Determine solutions for problems and issues using ethical and social responsibility criteria for business;
  4. Introduce how the principles of project management are applied to the major types of business models;
  5. Describe and apply decision-making theories, approaches and models such as the rational, organizational, political and process in simulated business case scenarios;
  6. Select the most appropriate implementation strategies and tasks. this including and not limited to organization structure, roles and responsibilities. They help to manage the chosen solution to a problem or an issue in a business case scenario;
  7. Prepare a business report as an outcome of one business case incorporating the different components of the decision making process.