political science assignment 13

American colonies break away from British rule, The Virginia Plan versus The New Jersey Plan. Federalism, Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, different aspects of public opinion.

This is book link; https://cnx.org/contents/W8wOWXNF@18.1:SjdU64Og@4/…

Each answer should be about half a page single spaced ( which is about 2-3 substantial paragraphs ). Each answer should also include citations from the online text. You can cite your quotes as: ” OpenStax section 4.1″


Read chapter 2, 3, 4 ,5 and 6 of the online textbook & answer the following questions:

Chapter 2

Question 1) It was inevitable that the American colonies would break away from British rule. Now with the task of creating a new government, explain some of the things these new Americans considered as they started from scratch.

Question 2) The Founding Fathers experienced great tension since there were many point of contention ; each group fighting tooth and nail to institute a particular viewpoint into the Constitution. Choose 2 issues and explain in detail. For example, The Virginia Plan verses The New Jersey Plan.

Chapter 3
Question 3) Federalism is defined as a national government delegating specific powers to state governments so that both can work efficiently. However, since the creation of our country, the national government’s powers have greatly increased. Pick 2 examples and explain in detail.

Chapter 4

Question 4) Our country is known for its rights. Each new generation experiences new growth in achieving certain rights, from doing away with child labor, to the fight for equal pay. Discuss what the text says about Civil Liberties, and choose 2 Amendments that interest you and provide some examples of what they entail in terms of rights

Answer Chapter 5 and 6 should have following requirements:

Each answer should be 2-3 substantial paragraphs in length. Each answer should contain information with citations from the textbook throughout the answer, for example (OpenStax, section 4.2).

Chapter 5

1) Civil Rights regulate the way in which the government interacts and treats citizens. There is a long history of gaps in civil rights with regards to race and gender. Specifically, with the history of African Americans, provide 3 stories of how the national government had to expand their view of civil rights in order to include them; from slavery, to citizens, to equal status in America.

2) Describe the journey / plight of women & other groups to gaining more civil rights. What progress has been made politically?

Chapter 6

3) This chapter goes into detail about different aspects of public opinion. What are different factors that shape what our opinions are? Then in turn, how does this aspect of public opinion effect elections?

4) Section 6.2 describes how we measure public opinion. Discuss any factor of polling that interests you.