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The political system, by many accounts, is broken. Money has taken control of our elected leaders and the highest bidder gets House and Senate members – State Assembly and Senate too – attention. Recently Speaker Paul Ryan accepted $500,000 from Mr./Mrs Charles Koch after passage of the tax cuts. The Koch brothers are powerful operatives. Bribery? In the 19th and 20th centuries the people rose up against this type of corruption. Another election cycle ended and another is around the corner. The cost of 2016 came in at over $7 B I L L I O N! I am attaching a link to an interview with two political scientists. Their studies indicate some extremely disturbing developments. Please watch and then comment as follows:

1) What does the American Dream mean to you? Do you think the political process is working to advance the American Dream? Explain.

2) Summarize what the winner take all piece reveals and

3) What can and must we do about this state of affairs?

Please bind the answers into one as an essay.

http://billmoyers.com/episode/on-winner-take-all-politics/ (Links to an external site.)

Note from teacher: This is a five paragraph essay that you shall post. I have attached a model for your review. It is a model and not your question. It simply shows you a student’s work. They decided to use Introduction, Body and Conclusion in their work. That is fine. Do it or do not. I want a simple five paragraph essay. Please just examine the file for an idea.