pool problem

Jill has a swimming pool in her backyard. It measures approximately 19.7 feet wide and 29.5 feet long. It is an average of 5 feet deep. During a few hot weeks during the summer, some water evaporates from the pool, and Jill needs to add 10 inches of water to the depth of the pool, using her garden hose. Although her water pressure varies, the water flows through Jill’s garden hose at an average rate of 10 gallons/minute.

Convert all measurements to metric units (meters, cubic meters, and liters). Reminder: There are 1000 liters in a cubic meter (m3)
How much water (how many liters) will Jill need to add to her pool to return the water level to its original depth? How many gallons of water is this? Reminder: Volume = Length x Width x Depth
How long will Jill need to run the hose?
Be sure to answer all parts of the question above. Approximate answers are ok, as long as they are realistic, real-world approximations and are described that way.

Submit a written solution to this problem. Be sure to answer all parts of the problem, and to clearly and explicitly state your conclusions as complete English sentences (for example,Jill needs to add 43 gallons of water to her pool ). You may use any information or ideas from the discussion board, but you are expected to write your solution yourself, using your own words to explain your reasoning. Explaining your reasoning in clear, mathematically-accurate language, using complete sentences and proper grammar, are critical to your write up.

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