Pop Art, Psychedelic Art, Space Age, Op Art

Pop Art, Psychedelic Art, Space Age, Op Art read the material on key movements, key figures, and key arguments from Design of the Times. after this, the writer must research. the point of this assignment is to go beyond the book. Design of the Times should only be a background of the material ” and should not be the main source of the material. collect the research (please put in works cited page along with the photo links) and make a point about each movement. when putting everything together, explain how one lead to another. make sure that there is a theme ” pick something that ties them together. it can technically be anything interesting and fun. for instance, how did the furniture change over these movements? or why were the products (art) more ornate as the movements progressed? feel free to pick something interesting, but it *must* apply to all the movements. the key is to make a point about each movement. look for things that capture the design context. at the end, there must be a reflection. what did you resonate with? what did you like/ what didn’t you like? what would you do differently?

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