Pornography and the Consequences of Hyper sexualization of Black Women


, This paper written for a Gender Studies class on the topic of sex work. This essay will be exploring the topic of pornography, specifically, online culture, pornography, and the reinforcement of hyper sexualization stereotypes it has on black women. What are the consequences of the reinforcement of these negative stereotypes through online culture and pornography? Where do these hypersexualized stereotypes come from? And how do prevent them from hurting the black community?  This paper will begin by talking about the history of the hyper sexualization of black women, starting with the story of Sara Baartman, a South African woman who was brought to Europe as a part of a human exhibit for her features. It will then explore the fetishism and history of “othering” and how that has translated into today’s modern pornography industry. All academic sources are attached, including the story of Sara Baartman