powerpoint presentation 279

Oral Presentation Instructions:

Since we do not meet “live,” it is not possible for you to actually deliver your presentation to the class; however, you can prepare an outline for about a 3-5-minute informative presentation for your Formal Report, and then develop an audio-narrated PowerPoint presentation that corresponds with your outline.

As a rule of thumb, a PowerPoint presentation is usually no more than one slide per minute; otherwise, your audience is “watching” and not “listening.” For longer presentations, the rule slides up to approximately three minutes per slide.

Your presentation should be designed as if you were presenting your report in a professional workplace setting, only you will not be physically present to give your presentation. This way, your audience can hear and see your presentation, but not see you.

Your presentation must be 3-5 minutes long and include slides containing information appropriate for this type of presentation. Examples include:

Text • Charts • Graphs • Tables • Images • Other visuals appropriate for a professional presentation

Do not use Clip Art or similar visuals; this is a professional presentation; slides must not be covered with paragraphs of writing. Include only short phrases (bullets) and visuals. You should explain the content of each slide with your voice rather than with writing.