You must choose 3 buildings to use as precedents for Arboretum-national columns. You will choose one from North America, one from Europe and one from one other country. Re-examine the 3 you have selected to explore how the designers specifically develop their space to the similar program. What could be applied to your space? How would it change? Below are the space and a link to to help you locate the precedents: Landscape: Search: landscape You should incorporate images and text on pages. For each building I need 2 pages minimum, but i am assuming this is 3/4 images and 1/4 text. the text i am looking for is what makes this building that type? what does it use to exemplify the type? The example is a Fire Station. what makes a building a fire station? if i showed you a picture of a bathroom, you might say that is in all buildings. if i show you a picture of a fire truck¦that OBJECT can be placed in any building. if i showed you a floor or a wall, this would not add any clarity to the building type. BUT if i showed you how the fire fighters after hearing a bell can change, put on heavy clothes, and get on the truck (of course a fire pole would help!). What makes this building œfeel like a fire station? how did they handle it in an unique way? if i told you to design a fire station, would you be able to with these precedents? This is the goal of your images and text

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