preliminary lesson plans

Project description Prepare three preliminary lesson plans: one in Science, one in Technology and one in Math: or you may choose to integrate your content areas (or all 3 content areas, science, math, technology) into one lesson. Make sure that your instructional focus is on Discovery or Inquiry within your Lesson Plan. Please prepare plan or plans for preschool or kindergarten student level curriculum. Standards for Kindergarten can be found at If it would be possible to have on plan (or part if you make one big plan) be about money, recycling or rainbows, that would be highly appreciated. Each plan must include the following: Content Area ___________________________ Topic/concept____________________________ Materials Needed: (includes use of technology) Objective(s) Standards/Benchmarks Accommodations for student diversity LESSON: 1. Introduction Gaining attention and stimulating recall of prerequisite learning 2. Learning Activity What the children will be doing and the teacher facilitating 3. Closure Bringing the lesson to an appropriate & timely conclusion 4. Assignment / extension: Assessment:

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