presentation 297

presentation 297.

Need Brief Description of following questions(With proper citation)

1 What is Novel Coronavirus ?

2 The Corona beer is not related to the virus.….

3 China population and 2018……

4 Where is Wuhan?

5 What transport links does Wuhan have?…

6 How China’s new coronavirus spread.?…

7 The confirmed cases and deaths all over the world.…

8 Seafood Market…

9-Coronavirus concern has Indonesia restricting imports of live fish from China.….

10 Shrimp Market Strained Due to Coronavirus.

11 Life inside Wuhan’s quarantine

12 The impact on there major economy

  • Supplychain
  • Chinese market
  • Tourism and suspended flight…

and finally small conclusion.

Minimum 120 words each

Word file with Individual references and citation

APA Format

(The answers have to be original, interesting and up-to-the-point. Your personal thoughts, critical thinking and analytical approach will be valued the most!)

presentation 297