prevention of chicken pox


Research Proposal on Homeopathic Prophylaxis vs. Vaccination vs. Placebo for children aged 1 to 4 for the prevention of chicken pox This is a Research Proposal–this website does not have a category for this!! 11 pages total, 9 for paper, 1 titile, 1 reference Please structure the study off this example Description The objective of this assignment is to write a research proposal (e.g. clinical trial, epidemiology study or public health research) addressing a health problem in your area of interest. This proposal should be no more than 9 double spaced pages + a title page and 1 or 2 reference page(s). In the text, provide a reference for anything you write that is not your own. Use APA format for formatting the paper and the references. Organize your information into the following sections: Title Abstract Introduction Background and significance