principles of art appreciation drawing

What You will Need to complete this Assignment:

Pencil – Eraser – Pencil sharpener

OR a Black Ink Pen (or both)

Small pad of BLANK UN-LINED paper

6 pieces of paper for 6 drawings

(I will take points off for the use of Lined Paper)

This is the website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

When you come to a work of Art that “connects” with you, you will take out your little pad and make a drawing of it. Make sure to copy down ALL of the info about that piece.

1 NAME of Artist (or Culture)
2 WHERE the Artist is from
3 TITLE of the Artwork
4 MEDIUM of the piece ( what materials it is made from )
5 DATE that the piece was made
6 SIZE of the work
7 WHERE the piece of work resides –