Problems & Challenges – Government at the Brink

 1. Review pp 35 through 53 in this case study: “Government at the Brink” Although dated, the cases presented in this article highlight major shortcomings of many different federal IT projects. You might be amazed at how many projects had problems at the time this article was written. You might also not be surprised to know that the number of large IT project problems and failures continues today at all levels of government. 2. Write an analysis of two Information Technology examples presented in the reading (Govt at the Brink) Select two of the information technology cases presented on pages 35 through 53. Go back through your notes about the types of problems that cause IT project problems. Based on an analysis of typical project problems and the facts provided in the two cases, write a report. (Note: No credit will be given if you select a non-IT case. Sorry, but that is our focus this semester.) In your report discuss the primary facts from each of the cases that you selected, explain the elements leading to project failure and link them to your notes. Compare and contrast the two failures in terms of common themes and/or unique factors that led to the problems cited in the article. Use facts from the two examples, your notes, and any Internet research that you conducted as part of this analysis. DO NOT copy and paste content from Internet websites. Write the memorandum using your own thoughts and words.