Progress Report (Respiratory Therapist)

Write a progress report about obtaining the first career job in in a profession (Respiratory Therapist) as the ultimate project goal. The project end goal is to become employed in my chosen professional field(Respiratory therapist) Study the progress report in chapter 17, pg457-464 .Be sure to read the sides notes. Replicate the progress report example for Rawlings Regional Medical Center. Write in memo format addressed M.Askew, CEO Askew Corporation. Follow the format of the memo,heading, purpose, summary, Introduction and the results of the research. USE the task pattern discussed on pg 454, to 456 in chapter 17, please include an outlined of progress report. The main component of the assignments include : Completed Tasks, current tasks, proposed Tasks, and an updated task schedule- chart (Estimated Timeline) Conclusion and references . If you explore a web sites tofind a job requirements, include the site as a reference.